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Our platform has no subscription fee and helps to multiply your money at: BINANCE, BITFINEX, BITTREX, POLONIEX, EXMO, LIVECOIN, CEX.IO. RevenueBOT works just for the percentage of profit you get and do not have any hidden fees or charges.

–°onnected exchanges:

24/7 Fully automated trading in the cloud
The bot, following the given algorithm and settings, will create, cancel and monitor the execution of orders
Flexible bot settings
You can configure any aspect of the bot operation using a convenient control panel. All the settings are described in detail in the FAQ
You are Safe
We do not store or accept deposits of your crypto currency. All funds are stored in your accounts on crypto exchanges
Simultaneous trading several exchange markets
You can simultaneously trade several pairs of crypto currencies on several exchanges
Full trade statistics
Statistics on the cycles of the bot. Statistics on orders. Profit statistics. Referral Statistics

How much it costs?

  • We do not have any monthly fees or trading charges.
  • We do not take any money from you till RevenueBot earns money for you.
  • You do not spend your own money, we just take a comission 20% from the profit RevenueBot earns, not money deposit.
  • The comission is paid from RevenueBot balance.
  • You will see every transaction paid to RevenueBot in your account balance history.

So, please keep it 0 or positive. RevenueBot stops running if your balance is negative. You have 3 days to pay our 20% comission, overwise we have to suspend your account.

How It Works

Realizing the chosen algorithm, bot calculates a grid of orders, places them on the cryptoexchange and checks their execution. Robot trade work is cyclical and based on 2 main principles:

  1. buy cheap when exchange rate falls (first part of the cycle)
  2. sell high when exchange rate grows (final part of the cycle)

The idea is that robot spends the deposit by parts, using the stratagy of pending orders in the matrix that was automatically calculated beforehand.

The first order has the smallest value and placed at a price closest to the current price. Every next order is cheaper and has larger volume amount (martingale trading system is used). If exchange rate falls, bot buys more and more but for a lower price. It makes the final trade profitable because RevenueBOT sells everything that was bought much cheaper than it was bought at the beginning.

As soon as you get profit, bot calculates everything and new cycle begins.

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Just try it!No subscription fees.You pay only when you get profit.

With the automated crypto trading RevenueBOT you can earn money on your favorite exchange automatically. Auto buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies.