Platform functions

revenuebot - a platform designed for automatic trading on cryptocurrency exchanges using the API interface.

The work of the platform is based on the use of highly volatile cryptocurrency rates.

Our bots can trade in any pair of cryptocurrency available on the selected exchange.

You can run several bots at the same time and thus trade several pairs of cryptocurrency at the same time on one or different crypto exchanges.

The bot works from the "cloud" around the clock, there is no need to install a software on your computer and leave it turned on so that the bot can operate uninterrupted.

Automated trading

Algorithm LONG

In accordance with the settings and start conditions, the bot first buys the cryptocurrency, after which it sells everything purchased at a higher price.

Algorithm SHORT

In accordance with the settings and conditions of the start, the bot first sells cryptocurrency, after which it buys everything sold at a lower price.

Using a grid of safe orders

The idea is that having a certain deposit, the bot does not use the entire amount at once, but divides it into parts and trades in a pre-calculated grid of safe orders by placing it on the exchange. This allows the bot to efficiently average trade entries and then profit from price changes.

Automatic switching of a trading pair

When the volatility of the trading pair is high, the bot makes many profitable trades, at other times when the volatility of the trading pair is low and the price practically stands still, the bot is forced to stand idle. In order for the bot not to be idle, we have implemented a mechanism for the automatic switching of a trading pair. Trading pair switching occurs based on the work of the volatility analyzer developed by us. Based on current price changes for all trading pairs, the volatility analyzer identifies the best pair that is profitable to trade here and now, and automatically assigns it to the bot. This functionality significantly increases the number of profitable trades.

Using signals Tradingview

Many traders use the TradingView service as signals to conclude trades. Tradingview is extremely popular for its ease of use and data accuracy. We have implemented the following feature: signals from the TradingView service can be used as conditions for bots to start working.

Bot start filters

Popular trading indicators such as RSI, CCI, Bollinger Bands are used as filters for starting bots. It is necessary to set up filters (set the values of trading indicators at which the bot will start trading) in order for the bot to start trading at the most favorable time, based on the chosen trading algorithm and your preferences.

Bot simulation mode

If you doubt that you will be able to successfully configure the bot the first time, then there is a bot simulation mode especially for you. The bottom line is this: the service will show how the bot you created would have traded if it had operated in a period covering the last 60 days (the start of the simulation can be set in the settings). All tests will be carried out on the chart of your chosen trading pair, for a specified period of time. This will allow you to verify that your settings are correct and to identify inaccuracies if any.

Automatic flipping of algorithms

For hedging risks trading, we have implemented automatic flipping of bot algorithms. When the price goes in the wrong direction, the second bot, which has an algorithm opposite to that of the bot which had been operating until then, will be automatically connected. As a result, we will get a change of the bot algorithm to a suitable trading algorithm when the trend of the trading price changes (we follow the current price trend).

Trailing stop mechanism

Trailing stop (price tracking mechanism) is designed to maximize income. The essence of this mechanism is that you cannot put a take-profit order (according to the specified profitability setting) immediately after opening a position, you have to wait for the best price and will get more of an income by tracking the price change.

Other functions

Cryptocurrency Futures Trading

You can create bots and trade leveraged cryptocurrency perpetual futures contracts. Using leverage allows you to open large positions with minimal investment. For some trading pairs, leverage up to x125 can be used. Using futures, you can fully short, making a profit in a falling market (Open a SHORT position and make a profit during a bearish trend, so as not to lose your funds). Perpetual futures contracts allow you to keep a position open for as long as you want.

Buying a ready-made bot configuration

If you doubt the bot settings or want a ready-made and proven bot, then, using our Marketplace, you can pick up and buy from other users of our platform a proven bot configuration with full statistics of its operation for the selected period of time.

Selling a successful bot configuration

You can make money using our Marketplace by selling the effective bot configurations that you created to other users.

Individual consultation with an experienced user

Find yourself a mentor, purchase a mentoring service and get personalized help from an experienced user of our platform. You can choose a mentor in our Marketplace, which displays various indicators of their work with our platform.

Referral program

Our users can earn not only with the help of trading bots, but also with the help of a referral program. You can earn good money by simply recommending RevenueBot to your friends, acquaintances, visitors or subscribers. We offer you 30% of the earnings that we will receive from the users you have attracted.

Quick Start menu

Using the "Quick Start" menu, you can create a bot without needing to do a lot of fine-tuning. "Quick Start" is a simplified step-by-step creation of a bot. Useful for beginners. In each step, the user is given hints and recommendations. If you, after seeing a lot of incomprehensible functions and settings, decided to give up trading bots, then the "Quick Start" menu is for you. You only need to set the most necessary and understandable settings, the rest of the settings are ready and suitable for most cases.

Trading mode templates

To make it easier for beginners to deal with the bots, at the initial stage, we have prepared several templates for the trading mode. Their use allows you to avoid having to take on the fine tuning of the bot, which may be incomprehensible to those who have never encountered automated trading.

You can choose:

  • The normal trading mode which is suitable for most cases when the volatility is not very high. It doesn't take a lot of time to get used to controlling the bot's work.
  • The low risk trading mode It is suitable for making a stable small profit without high risks. Minimal control over the bot operation is required (practically set it up and forget about it). A small part of the deposit is involved in trading, the profit is also small, but the risks are minimal.
  • Aggressive trading mode which is suitable for temporary trading when there is time to monitor the bot. It allows you to get more profit, but the risks also increase.


For the convenience of working with statistics, you can group bots by tags. Each bot can be assigned to one or several tags and then filter the output of statistics by the required tags.


Setting up notifications will allow you to keep abreast of every important bot action. You can receive notifications: in your personal account, by email, by SMS and in Telegram.