Automatic switching of a trading pair

One of the distinctive features of revenuebot is the ability to automatically switch the trading pair of the bot. The volatility of any trading pair is non-permanent. Sometimes, price fluctuations are frequent and the bot makes many profitable trades, on other occasions there are no fluctuations and the bot is forced to stand idle. The bot can also be idle if the initial trading pair does not pass the filters necessary for it to start working. In order for the bot to not stand idle in anticipation of good volatility for the current pair, we incorporated an automatic switching of the trading pair.

How does automatic switching of a trading pair work?

Volatility analyzer

At the start of work, the bot can change the trading pair specified in the settings for another, which at that moment has more volatility indicators for successful trading. To assess the volatility of coins, the volatility analyzer is used, which calculates the number of multidirectional price fluctuations in the near past. To switch, select the coin whose price has changed the most times.

A volatility analysis will be carried out before each new cycle of the bot, so we will work with the trading pair that is best suited for trading here and now.

To switch, it is important to choose not only the most volatile coin, but to also exclude coins that are risky for trading, which include:

  • Little known coins
  • Very cheap coins
  • Coins subject to pump/dump
  • Coins with a low trading volume in the last 24 hours

Coin volatility indicators and filters to exclude risky coins are configured in the volatility analyzer. The user can test the volatility analyzer separately from the bot with different settings and evaluate the results of its work in order to select the appropriate settings for a particular bot, crypto exchange and market.

The result of the work of the volatility analyzer will be a list of trading pairs for which there have been the most fluctuations lately and which have passed all filters to exclude risky coins.

Create presets of volatility analyzer settings for future use in the automatic switching of a trading pair.

In our Knowledge base, you can find more detailed information about the automatic switching of a trading pair based on the work of the volatility analyzer, about work and settings features, as well as an example of how to create a bot.

User-created coin list

If you know for sure the coins that you want the bot to trade, then, using a convenient interface, you can create a list of coins, set the switching priority, add new coins, and delete unnecessary ones.

If the current trading pair does not pass the start filters, the bot will sequentially go through the list of coins until it finds one that passes the start filters.