Bot simulation (backtests)

To earn more and reduce trading risks, it is important to choose the right bot settings. To determine the optimal settings, revenuebot offers a bot simulation mode so that you can see how the bot would have traded over the past 60 days for any of the trading pairs. Try different settings and see how the bot would have traded, during a period set in the past, with a virtual deposit on real charts of price changes.

Using a bot in simulation mode

In order to enable the bot operation simulation mode, when editing it, activate the Bot simulation mode (backtest) checkbox, otherwise creating a bot in simulation mode does not differ from creating a regular bot. For convenience, a bot with the simulation mode turned on is highlighted in the output table of all bots with a separate background (gray).

By default, the simulation is carried out over a period covering the last 60 days, but if you need a shorter period (for example, for the last week), then you can set the date and time of the start of the simulation in the bot settings.

Management and operation of the bot in simulation mode

Running a bot in simulation mode is the same as running a regular bot. It is impossible to stop a running bot in simulation mode, it will stop itself when the simulation is completed (all data for a given simulation period have been processed).

Bot statistics in simulation mode

The statistics of the bot's operation in the simulation mode is available in the same place as the statistics of the work of ordinary bots. In the Statistics menu, click on the name of the bot you want to open, and the bot's statistics for cycles and orders will open. Statistics on the first completed bot operation cycles will appear some time after the bot is launched, statistics will be updated as the data is processed. When the processing of all data is over, the bot will turn off and you can see the full statistics of how it would trade. As a result, by experimenting with different settings and running them on real charts in the past, you can choose the optimal settings for the real work of the bot. Note that the results of the bot's work in simulation mode may be inaccurate and may differ from the bot’s actual work, since the moment in which the bot starts operating is important and some settings for delays cannot be used in simulation mode.