Opportunities for beginners

If you are a beginner and you are just starting to understand cryptocurrency trading, then revenuebot is perfect for you:

  • Quick start menu
    Especially for you, we have made the Quick Start menu - a simplified step-by-step bot creation tool. In each step, you are given hints and recommendations. If, after seeing a lot of incomprehensible functions and settings, you decided to give up trading bots, then the Quick Start function is for you. You only need to set up the most necessary and understandable settings, the rest of the settings are already configured and suitable for most cases.

  • Mentoring
    Find yourself a mentor, purchase a mentoring service and get personalized help from an experienced user of our platform. You can choose a mentor in our Marketplace, where various indicators of the mentor’s work with our platform are displayed.

  • Ready bot configuration
    If you doubt the bot settings or want a ready-made and proven bot, then using our Marketplace you can pick and buy, from other users of our platform, a proven bot configuration, with full statistics of its operation, for a selected period of time.