How much do revenuebot services cost?

You don't need to pay anything to start using our bots. To start trading, you only need funds in your account on the exchange, since RevenueBot trades funds that are already in your account on the exchange.

We do not charge a subscription fee and a commission for transactions on crypto exchanges. You can use the services of our platform for free until the bot brings you your first income. We charge a commission of only 20% from the profit you make when doing trading with the bot, but not more than 50 USD per calendar month for each type of trade (Currently there are 3 types of trade: SPOT, Futures USDS-M, Futures Coin-M). The reporting period is the period from the first to the last day of the month.

Our payment model is beneficial for users with both large and small deposits:

  • Users with a small deposit are not forced to pay a fixed monthly fee every month, but only pay a commission on the income received.
  • Users with a large deposit for the first few days of a new month collect commission write-offs for a maximum of 50USD and no longer pay any commissions until the end of the month. There are users who collect commissions of 50 USD in 1 day and no longer pay for the rest of the month.

What is revenuebot account balance?

The bot trades with funds that are in your account on the exchange, the income from the work of bots is also received in your account on the exchange. We do not have access to withdraw funds from your account on the exchange. Therefore, to withdraw the service commission, there is the balance of the RevenueBot account, from which the commission is debited, every time the bot makes a profit (the Take-profit order is executed). The balance of the RevenueBot account is calculated in BTC. If the profit is not received in BTC, then it is converted to BTC at the rate at the time of receipt of profits. The commission is 20% of each profit received by the bot, but not more than 50USD in the current calendar month. The commission write-off will continue until it accumulates 50USD, after which the commission write-off is terminated until the 1st day of the new month.

After the bot makes the first profit, the commission is charged and the account balance becomes negative. The user is given 3 days to replenish the balance and continue using the services of the platform. During these 3 days, there are no restrictions on the work of the platform’s services. After 3 days, if the user does not replenish the balance, the account will go into the Paused state and all bots will stop.

Each transaction for debiting the service commission is displayed on the user's profile page.

You can replenish your balance only with cryptocurrencies. As the user, you choose the top-up amount and you need to keep the balance positive.

RevenueBot account balance can be replenished using BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, BNB, USDT, BUSD, USDC, TRX. Deposits in BCH, ETH, LTC, BNB, USDT, BUSD, USDC, TRX will be automatically converted to BTC at the exchange rate at the time the deposit was made.