News of the week. Friday, November 12

Friday, November 12. The week is coming to an end, so we can talk about the most interesting news in the crypto industry over the past day.

The CEO of Apple is the holder of the crypt

During a conference in DealBook, Tim Cook shared that he is the holder of digital assets. And he owns the cryptocurrency for the sake of diversifying the investment portfolio.

In addition, the Apple CEO added that he has researched the cryptocurrency sector and has been interested in digital assets for a while. However, he added that Apple has no plans to introduce digital assets as payment for goods or services in the near future. It was also emphasized that the corporation is not going to invest in these financial instruments.

«It seems to me that this is not why people buy Apple shares in order to gain access to cryptocurrencies,» – explained the CEO of Apple.

Also Tim Cook added that Apple now has other plans that are being worked on. He did not disclose the details of these plans, but you can recall that in the spring of this year, the company opened a new vacancy for a business development manager with five years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry. He is to lead the “alternative payments” affiliate program.

Robinhood customer data appears on the darknet

According to data from the TG channel “Information Leaks”, an authoritative user of one of the forums announced the sale of personal data of clients of the online broker Robinhood on the darknet.

It offers nearly 5 million email addresses as well as the full names of over 2 million Robinhood customers.

Separately, it is emphasized that the extended data of 310 users, including name, date of birth and zip code, are not yet for sale.

As a reminder, on November 3, an unknown person called Robinhood’s support service and, using social engineering methods, gained access to the information of the platform’s clients.

According to the company, the social security numbers and bank card details were not disclosed and none of the users suffered financial losses.

Bitcoin falls in price amid news from Evergrande

On November 10, Bitcoin approached the $ 69,000 mark, but immediately went down to $ 63,000. CoinDesk suggested that this was due to rumors about a potential default of the Chinese housing developer Evergrande.

Investor Protection Agency Deutsche Markt Screening Agentur announced the initiation of the developer’s bankruptcy proceedings and urged the affected parties to join the process.

“DMSA is preparing bankruptcy proceedings against Evergrande. The court will officially declare the company bankrupt, this is a matter of several days,” – the press release said.

If a technical default is recognized, it will hit the other obligations of the company in the amount of 2 trillion yuan. Evergrande’s problems have already created stressful situations and complexities in the real estate market.

On November 11, news broke that the developer had managed to avoid default for the third time. At the last moment, he transferred coupon payments to investors.

In 2022, Evergrande will need to pay about $ 7.4 billion, and by the end of 2021 – $ 337.7 million, including the obligations of the subsidiary.

MediaMarkt attacked by hackers

A hacker attack was carried out on the European corporation of retail trade of electronics and household appliances MediaMarkt. The hackers used the Hive ransomware virus and are currently demanding $ 50 million in bitcoin.

Initially, the ransom was $ 240 million, but soon dropped to $ 50 million as soon as company representatives entered into negotiations with the hackers.

The attack resulted in encrypted servers and workstations. This led to the shutdown of IT systems to prevent its spread.

This incident mainly affected shops in the Netherlands and Germany. According to BleepingComputer, more than 3000 of the company’s servers were affected.

Hive ransomware virus, along with data encryption, steals them. Later, hackers post the stolen information on their website, in case the ransom is not received. Whether the hackers managed to steal information from MediaMarkt is still unknown.

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