OKEx Exchange. Special features and settings for bot trading.

We would like you to direct your attention to OKEx Exchange, which is famous for its reliability, and does not yield to Binance in terms of the amount of trades and cryptocurrency trading pairs. For example, at the time of this article, the volume of trades at OKEx was $20,896,141,819 for the past 30 days (3rd place in rating), while Binance is — $24,369,536,181 (2nd place in rating. The commission of OKEx is also comparable with the commission at Binance (around 0.1%). Don’t miss the opportunity to have successful and active trades at OKEx with our RevenueBot. Let’s have a look at the settings and special features of bot trading at OKEx.

Creation of API Key at OKEx

    1. Open API in profile menu.


    1. If you do not have two-factor authorization (via SMS or GoogleAuth), you need to enable it.


  1. Once two-factor authorization is enabled, you will gain access to add the key — «Create V5 API» in API menu.
  2. In the new window, fill in the necessary fields: key name, password for key access, IP (not required). Rights: Enquiry and Trade.
  3. ⚠Attention: remember your Passphrase (password for key access),
     because you will need it to connect to RevenueBot

  4. In order to see the key data, press the «View» button.
  5. api_okex5
  6. Enter the password for key access in the new window and complete the authorization via SMS (or GoogleAuth).
  7. api_okex6
  8. You will receive access to key data. Please save the apiKey and secretKey fields, because you will need them to connect RevenueBOT.


Funds Transfer to Spot Account

OKEx Exchange has a special feature: Before you start trading, you are required to transfer funds to the trading account (in our case, it is a spot account). In order to complete that, you need to:

    1. Open Transfer menu.

    1. Select the necessary currency in the new window and transfer the funds from capital account to the spot account. From now on, these funds will be available for the bot to set orders.

Creating a Bot for OKEx Exchange

    1. Open “CREATE NEW BOT” and fill in the necessary fields. Press «create new API key» in the field that requires to select API key.


    1. Add your key data from OKEx in the new window (apiKey and secretKey) into the necessary fields.
Passphrase/apiKey Attention: API Key field needs to be completed 
in the following format "5-Passphrase/apiKey",
for example: "5-myPAsSw0rd/f6c4e81d-55a3-4b17-9787-1c5d0d9f5322"

    1. Create a virtual wallet — set the deposit amount that will be used by the bot for trading (we recommend no less than 150$ in cryptocurrency equivalent).
Transfer Attention: open "Transfer" menu inside OKEx exchange and transfer funds to the spot account, otherwise you will not be able to trade.
  1. Select the strategy, and set the main and additional settings. If you have any questions or require recommendations for settings — contact us via chat!
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2 years ago

Hi. I try to create your bot on okex according your instructions, but can’t create API key v3, since okex now generates API keys v5 only, and your bot shows an error with API credentials. Do you support okex now?