Registration and authorization via third-party social network accounts

For the convenience of registration and authorization in our platform, we have linked third-party accounts.

How does it work?

Most users have accounts in social networks and are logged in to them.
It is more convenient for users to click the button of a familiar social network and not fill out the registration or authorization form data.

1. Registration through third-party accounts.
When registering on our platform, it is not necessary to fill out the registration form.
The user can click on the social network icon, then in the dialog box that appears, they need to confirm the action on the social network side, after which all the necessary data for the registration form will be automatically received and the account created.

2. Authorization through third-party accounts.
If the account was registered not through a third-party account, then you can link a third-party account in the user’s personal account.
To do this, go to the user profile, select a social network from the “Linking third-party accounts” menu and click the link to link an account.
All linked third-party accounts are displayed in the linked accounts table.


Unusual ways of mining cryptocurrencies

Since the first cryptocurrency appeared, enthusiasts and developers have come up with a variety of ways to mine digital assets. If 12 years ago, a conventional processor was enough for mining, which ensures the operation of a PC, today large computing power is required. However, not everyone is satisfied with this and crypto enthusiasts are creating new ways to mine the cherished coins. We will talk about the most interesting of them in this article.

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Perpetual futures contracts OKEx Futures USDT (Perpetual swaps)

  1. Activating the OKEx account mode
  2. Adding funds to your trading account
  3. Creating a v5 API key on OKEx
  4. Adding the created API key to RevenueBot
  5. Creating a futures trading bot for the OKEx exchange
  6. The position mode
  7. Features and recommendations for trading futures on the OKEx exchange
  8. General recommendations for Trading Cryptocurrency futures using leverage

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Creating a bot for trading perpetual cryptocurrency futures on the exchange


  1. Opening an account on
  2. Adding funds to the exchange’s account
  3. Creating an API key on
  4. Adding an API Key in RevenueBot
  5. Creating a bot for perpetual cryptocurrency futures.
  6. Recommendations for trading on
  7. General recommendations for trading Cryptocurrency futures using leverage

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