Settings for the bot (autoswitch) with profit +36% to deposit

This article shows an example of setting up a bot at Binance exchange with pair auto switch based on results of volatility, as well as provides the statistics of bot’s performance. Details of setting up the automatic pair selection can be found in the “Automatic switch of cryptocurrency trading pairs” article.

About the bot

This bot was created on 2018-10-11 and until today (2019-06-06) successfully operates at the Binance exchange. Regardless of the rapid currency rates variations at the cryptocurrency market during the past half a year, the bot continues providing satisfying financial results. Income-to-deposit ratio of 36% throughout the entire period. Bot did not remain idle and was trading frequently in comparison with bots without automatic switch of trading pair (total of 749 successfully completed cycles). Besides that, the most important fact is that bot did not switch to “Investor” position.

Bot settings

Deposit: 0.1 BTC

Exchange: Binance

Pair: any currency/BTC (we provide auto selection, hence you can select any pair to BTC)

Algorithm: Long (buy first and sell after)

Don’t forget to buy BNB for successful bot performance.

Start filters – enabled:

Automatic switch of trading pair – enabled:

Pair switch is based on the result of settings of the volatility analyzer; filter of blacklisted coins is available (possible to use the template). Pay attention to PUMP/DUMP filters settings. Make sure to use such PUMP/DUMP filters as in the example (24 and 48-hours verification), so that the bot doesn’t switch to the overloaded trading pair.

Bot statistics

Total cycles: 3571
Completed: 749
Total profit: 0.03726367 (BTC)
% Profit: 35.96%
Download full statistics from 2018-10-11 to 2019-06-06: bot statistic

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4 years ago

Is these bot settings still profitable? Suggestions?

3 years ago

changing only the algo to short, will this work for short trading?

3 years ago

dos it work with binance futures?

2 years ago
Does it also work with less capital? Do you have to change the parameters in this case? Thanks