Perpetual futures contracts OKEx Futures USDT (Perpetual swaps)

  1. Activating the OKEx account mode
  2. Adding funds to your trading account
  3. Creating a v5 API key on OKEx
  4. Adding the created API key to RevenueBot
  5. Creating a futures trading bot for the OKEx exchange
  6. The position mode
  7. Features and recommendations for trading futures on the OKEx exchange
  8. General recommendations for Trading Cryptocurrency futures using leverage

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OKEx Exchange. Special features and settings for bot trading.

We would like you to direct your attention to OKEx Exchange, which is famous for its reliability, and does not yield to Binance in terms of the amount of trades and cryptocurrency trading pairs. For example, at the time of this article, the volume of trades at OKEx was $20,896,141,819 for the past 30 days (3rd place in rating), while Binance is — $24,369,536,181 (2nd place in rating. The commission of OKEx is also comparable with the commission at Binance (around 0.1%). Don’t miss the opportunity to have successful and active trades at OKEx with our RevenueBot. Let’s have a look at the settings and special features of bot trading at OKEx.
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