Updates from 22.04.2023 — Grouping bots by tags, displaying the statistics by day, notes to the bot

April update from RevenueBot team. For the convenience of working with bots added: grouping of bots by tags, output of bot work statistics by days, notes to bot.

1. Grouping bots by tags

For the convenience of working with statistics added the possibility of grouping bots by tags. Now you can assign each bot to one or more tags and then filter the output of the stats by the appropriate tags.

Tags can be created while creating/editing a bot

or by clicking on the tag icon in the bot output table of the menu «statistics» or «bots».

Set the appropriate grouping of statistics output in the output filters – TAXONOMY

2. Output of statistics on the work of bots by day

Added output of bot operation statistics by days. Now it is possible to see general statistics of bots work by days, choosing in the menu «statistics» grouping by days.

Let’s note that daily statistics take into account the operation of bots in simulation mode.

3. Notes to the bot

Added the ability to create notes to the bot. Now you can create notes for each bot and they will be visible in the bot output table as well as in the bot creation/editing menu.

The default note output column is hidden, you can activate it in the table column settings.

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