Blockchain: Ways to use it outside the Crypto Sector

Blockchain, a technology that has become quite popular with the advent of cryptocurrencies. Today, blockchain has gone far beyond digital assets and has begun to be used in various sectors. The technology is a huge data registry where transaction histories are stored. In this article, we will tell you how blockchain technology is still used in the modern world.

Blockchain in Medicine

Everyone knows that blockchain technology is transparent and anonymous. Each transfer is saved and displayed, but the identities of those people who made the transaction remain anonymous. Such a useful quality of blockchain can be applied in the medical field.

The data that is stored in medical records, for one reason or another, must remain confidential. Complex anonymity and reporting requirements make healthcare a minefield.

The healthcare industry needs to radically change its approach to privacy and security. However, as these problems become more and more obvious, there are more and more options for using blockchain. Previously, the best way to store data was a simple option – a centralized database, which, unfortunately, is vulnerable by design. In other words, with organizations monitoring patient data. Thanks to blockchain in healthcare, patients can finally own and manage this data.


Voting and elections are an integral part of democracy. However, it often happens that the ballot boxes of citizens can be interfered with from the outside, thereby falsifying the results. Somehow it is quite difficult to protect and secure the urns, you have to put people watching people or cameras, but even this does not give 100% results. Therefore, using blockchain technology in this area may be a reasonable decision. The fact is that the technology was developed to ensure a high level of security and transparency. With proper and proper use of blockchain in the conditions of voting, it can contribute to a fair and fair outcome of elections.


Blockchain is an easily accessible registry. Each transaction is superimposed on each other, so fraud in it is almost impossible. If the ownership of real estate is transferred to the blockchain, the likelihood of illegal actions and mistakes will be virtually eliminated. As soon as the ownership is transferred to the blockchain, its confirmation on the platform will eliminate the possibility of fraud, since it will become secure and unchangeable.

Gambling and video games

Blockchain technology finds fans not only in the crypto industry, but even in gambling and video games. Entrepreneurs and developers never cease to delight players and provide innovative ways of gaming.

Etheria is an online game with a virtual world created. The main task of the players is to win blocks from rivals. After this is done, it is possible to build different infrastructure in the block.

First Blood is a platform where esports players challenge each other in various ways. The disciplines in which the competitions take place are also diverse. Fans, in turn, can place bets, judge games and even organize tournaments. For this, they receive a reward in the form of an in-game 1ST token. First Blood works on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain and, as already mentioned, has its own token.

Etheramid is a cryptocurrency pyramid. However, they call themselves the most honest game, where you need to invite new participants and get rewarded for it. The service charges each user “Ether” for each invited new participant. The pyramid has seven levels. The accrual algorithm is based on a self-managed smart contract, which neither the developers nor the owner of the pyramid can change.

The FreeMyVunk movement aims to make it possible to exchange virtual property in video games. The platform exists in the form of an Ethereum-based blockchain, VUNK tokens, which act as an exchange currency. The authors of the idea suggest that all gamers of the world join forces, join the network and earn VUNK, including through tweets and referral invitations.

Delivery of foreign aid

Humanitarian aid has always had difficulties with the process of delivering food to remote countries. This is due to the fact that products go through many different intermediaries and in the end an unusable product may come. It is almost impossible to conduct due diligence and track everything.

Due to the fact that blockchain technology simplifies the tracking of funds, it can be used to transform the ways of delivering aid to developing countries of the world.

In addition, transparency of transactions will enable people who send any humanitarian aid to track how the delivery takes place.

An example is the World Food Program. It uses both blockchain and biometric technologies to monitor the distribution of foreign aid to the refugee camp, which is located in Jordan.


What conclusion can be drawn from this article? Blockchain technology will develop and in the future will begin to conquer more and more industries. The first cryptocurrency was able to popularize and attract attention to this technology, but then it’s up to people and their fantasies.

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