Money for entertainment: a way to earn money at your leisure

The cryptocurrency industry is developing, and consequently, there are more and more new sectors in which you can make a profit. However, not everyone likes trading and investing. For some, this may seem time-consuming and boring. What if you can earn digital assets by spending time playing computer games? And we are not talking about championships where you can win a prize pool, but about ordinary video games. In this article, we have picked up some interesting crypto games in which you can have fun and earn money at the same time. Shall we play?

F1 Delta Time

This game will appeal to fans of Formula 1 racing. Due to the fact that the championships are not held now, the Hong Kong company Animoca Brands has released a game called F1 Delta Time.

F1 Delta Time is a collectible and racing blockchain game licensed from the popular Formula 1 racing series. In it, players will not have to do only racing as in other well-known simulators, everything is a little easier, and maybe more interesting. Players will have to collect racing cars, hire drivers and buy components for their cars. They can also exchange or sell unnecessary parts to other users.

Each car has its advantages and disadvantages. The characteristics are also always individual, ranging from speed, acceleration and clutch, ending with luck. The player will have to look at weather phenomena and conclude that he needs to change in the car if, for example, it rains.

The game has an NFT auction, where all team cars were added, such as: Mercedes AMG W10, Ferrari SF90, Red Bull Racing RB15, McLaren MCL34, Renault RS 19, Racing Point RP19, Toro Rosso STR14, Alfa Romeo Racing C38, Haas VF-19 and Williams FW42. Especially rare cars have already managed to find buyers for $ 16 000.

Chain Clash

This game is suitable for fans of fighting games. There are no bloody fights like in Mortal Kombat, but players are provided with a number of other game chips.

Chain Clash is a collectible F2P game. In it you will be able to collect and train fighters, unite with like-minded people and form clans. In the game, the fighters are called avatar. All of them belong to crypto clans, such as Ethereum, EOS, Bitcoin and others. The player gets the starting avatar for free, the rest will have to be bought, unless of course they are needed. After the avatar is received, the player can immediately begin his training and skill development. The number of avatars that a player can allow is unlimited. There are even crypto celebrities among them, such as Denis Laminer, the founder of EOS, or John McAfee, the founder of McAfee antivirus.

It is worth saying that each avatar is an NFT token in the EOS blockchain. It becomes more expensive when it develops and gets new skills. That is, the more you upgrade the avatar, the more expensive you will be able to sell it in the future.

MegaCryptoPolis 3D

It’s time for a strategic game. MegaCryptoPolis 3D is a strategic city game originally created on Ethereum. As in all games of the strategy genre, here the player is given the opportunity to buy or conquer new lands, hold auctions on the open market, collect taxes, increase influence and destroy rivals.

In addition, when you are engaged in the development of individual infrastructure, the player can also buy areas and receive income for each transfer made in their areas.


A game in which users will have to collect and collect various characters, pump them, and then participate in competitions. Each of the collected characters has a different type, class, shape and abilities. Players with characters can use them to fight with other users and receive rewards for it. For example, you can complete a mission, hold competitions in higher ratings, train or run an adventure mode.


The video game will appeal to fans of comics and board games about superheroes. In the game, each player represents one of the thirteen unique heroes with unique characteristics and superpowers, and then, as expected in the world of heroes, participates in the battle for the title of the strongest hero.

Players can personally purchase and sell unnecessary cards. This is done in order to reduce the number of unnecessary cards in the game. Transactions between players on card sales are carried out using the XTZ coin.


Another card game, but unlike the previous game, there are no superheroes, and the action takes place in an alternate reality called Sky. In this reality, the SkyWeaver character explores the world and takes part in battles.

There are three types of cards in the game: gold, silver and game cards. Gold cards are the rarest and only experienced players can get them. Silver and gold cards are individually designed. They are also unlimited in emissions, but despite this, they fall out quite rarely.

Players who are diligent can receive a WEAVE token every week. It can be used to generate a random gold card.

The company has a P2P trading platform where you can trade and exchange cards between players. The platform also acts as an automatic market maker.


As you can see, you can earn in the cryptocurrency sector not only by trading or investing, but also by playing entertaining video games. This is just a small part of the games that exist and it is unlikely that developers will stop there, because where there is demand, there will always be supply.

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