New Year’s promotion RevenueBot!

Dear RevenueBot service users! The outgoing year was extremely busy for the entire crypto market, our service was no exception. The year 2021 will be remembered for the RevenueBot team with some moments:

  • By adding many functions and features to the bot’s functionality; 
  • Multiple increase in service customers;
  • A complete update of the service’s landing page, which has become more convenient and intuitive for both existing and new customers.

To end 2021 on a good note, from December 29, 2021, RevenueBot launched a promotion: when depositing $100 or more, the client will receive a bonus of 30% of the deposit amount. The promotion is valid until January 10, 2022.

Important: The bonus will only be applied to one deposit! 

We wish our customers a happy New Year 2022! In the new year, we wish you more profitable deals, and RevenueBot will help you to implement them.

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