News of the week. Friday, September 3

Friday, September 3. The week is coming to an end, so we can talk about the most interesting news in the crypto industry for this week. 

NFT instead of an engagement ring

One of the Reddit participants under the pseudonym HandHoldingClub shared his sad story of an unsuccessful engagement. The fact is that HandHoldingClub is fond of digital assets, and his girlfriend, with whom they have been together for four years, is very scrupulous about money and always insists on saving money. Recently, the couple had a serious quarrel due to the fact that HandHoldingClub invested most of the total savings in Dogecoin and suffered losses. He tried to get everything back through trading, but even then he failed and lost his investments again.

Later, a Reddit user came across the NFT. According to him, this NFT may have a special meaning for both of them. He hoped that his girlfriend would like such a gift.

«I believe that this token can grow to $1 million. Therefore, I decided to spend almost all my savings on buying it. And when he grows up, we can buy a house and go on vacation. I gave this NFT to my girlfriend as an engagement ring.»

As a result, the girl did not appreciate such an offer and called the guy a “selfish fool”. After that, the would-be investor went to the forum to look for support, wrote a post about it, but faced criticism from commentators. They told him that he was really an egoist, with whom it was impossible to build a family.

Binance will launch an IPO in the next three years

The American division of the crypto exchange Binance, plans to hold an IPO in the next few years.

This information was given by the CEO of Binance Changpeng Zhao in a recent interview for The Information.

«Binance will do the same thing that Coinbase recently did,» Changpeng Zhao said

He notes that the specific date of the IPO will depend on the growth of the business Binance.US.

«In the event that the business will actively grow over the next few years, then this period of time will be enough for an IPO,» he explained.

The head of Binance has already talked about the company’s plans to go public in the summer of 2021. Then he said that the division would focus on business development.

In March, he also stated that the main Binance platform will not enter the stock market, since the organization has no financial problems.

Twitter may add an interface with which it will be possible to receive crypto payments

An insider and developer, Alessandro Paluzzi, wrote a post to which he attached screenshots of the future Twitter interface. It shows that the user will be able to add BTC and Ethereum addresses to his profile, in order to then receive donations for them. Twitter has not yet confirmed this information.

According to the insider, digital assets will be part of Tip Jar, with their help, residents of the social network can support their favorite bloggers with donations.

Prior to this, Paluzzi reported that in order to accept BTC payments, the user will have to get an account in the Strike application, which works on the basis of the Lightning Network. The head of Twitter development, Kayvon Beikpour, made a repost of this entry to his page with the inscription “Soon”.

Survey: men invest in crypto more often than women

CNBC and Momentive conducted a survey and found that there are twice as many men among cryptocurrency investors as women.

The results of the study showed that 16% of the men surveyed are crypto investors. Among women, this figure is much less – 7%.

«The gender gap is a problem for the financial revolution. In order for digital assets to be more readily accepted in society, it is necessary to increase the number of investors among the female population.» – Hayley Lennon, a lawyer from Anderson Kill, gave his comment

The lawyer also notes that women are more conservative financially, unlike men. They will need more time to adopt a new asset class.

The analyst of Quantum Economics, Jason Dean, assures that the gender gap is a temporary phenomenon and that it will not be in the future, since bitcoin is «the most inclusive asset in history».


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