News of the week. Friday, November 5

Friday, November 5. The week is coming to an end, so we can talk about the most interesting news in the crypto industry over the past day.

Fake Elon Musk received BTC from subscribers

The social network Facebook verified Elon Musk’s fan page and ticked the box. The author of the page took advantage of this and immediately launched a fake distribution of the first cryptocurrency.

The scammer wrote a post that he is ready to help people in financial terms. He urged 153 thousand subscribers to make a $ 1000 transaction in bitcoins, allegedly to Elon Musk’s wallet, in return it was promised to transfer $ 2000.

“Everyone asks me for help, and now the time has come. During the day, I will multiply all your funds sent to the BTC wallet below. You send me $ 1000, and I will return $ 2000 to you, ”the post said.

The data from says that 0.0371 BTC was transferred to the fake Mask’s wallet on November 1. Some of which immediately went to other wallets.

Initially, the author of the page positioned it as a fan profile of Elon Musk, where news about SpaceX and Tesla was published.

Before the page was verified, there were only ten posts in the profile, which mainly consisted of reposts of Musk’s real posts.

Ethereum overtake bitcoin in growth rate

By the end of October, Bitcoin grew by 39.9%, while the second largest coin by capitalization by 42.9%. In addition, the historical highs of the coins were updated in October. The first cryptocurrency broke the $ 67,000 mark, and Ethereum broke the $ 4,400 mark.

However, memecoins showed a more impressive dynamics of price growth. Shiba Inu, the famous Dogecoin clone, is up nearly 800% last month.

At the time of writing, on November 5, Ethereum has crossed a new high and is now trading at $ 4577.

This happened shortly after the announcement of CME about the launch of micro-futures based on the second largest cryptocurrency by capitalization.

We will remind you that the managing director of global markets of the investment bank Goldman Sachs Bernard Rzimelka allowed the growth of Ethereum to $ 8000 by the end of the year.

Wallet Users Lost $ 500,000 Due to Ads

Recently, a phishing campaign was carried out on Google, due to which more than a hundred users of MetaMask and Phantom wallets transferred over $ 500,000 to scammers.

The scammers created fake wallets MetaMask and Phantom, after which they began to use advertising in the Google search engine to spread phishing links.

The pages are similar in design to the official ones, so it was difficult to distinguish them from the original, however, the applications installed from them are used to steal digital assets.

“During the creation of the new Phantom wallet, a phishing site generated a passphrase message to restore the attacker’s wallet. In fact, when transferring funds, the user sends them directly to the scammers. In the case of MetaMask, they are also trying to steal the user’s secret phrase, ”the CPR said.

In addition, scammers create fake sites of cryptocurrency exchanges, which include Uniswap and PancakeSwap.

What are the losses incurred by investors who invested in the Squid Games token?

Crystal Blockchain analytics service monitored the movement of funds at two addresses associated with the Squid Game team.

The former transferred all coins to more than 22,700 BNB and, after 227 transactions, withdrew them through the Tornado Cash transaction mixing service.

The second address, marked as related to the so-called rug pull of the Squid Game project, transferred 5500 BNB to the Tornado Cash service after 55 transactions. The total amount was more than $ 3 million.

The same wallet transferred 6139 BNB to another address, from which, after 61 transactions, 6100 BNB went to Tornado Cash ($ 3.39 million). 39 BNB remained in the wallet.

Consequently, the total amount transferred is $ 19.08 million.

Initially, the SQUID token began to grow at a rapid pace and in a short time period, reached $ 2856, after which the value plummeted.

From the very appearance of the token, everything connected with it aroused suspicion – there was no data about the development team, the ability to leave comments under posts on social networks was also unavailable.

Despite all this, people continued to invest in the token.

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