Derivatives: an important tool for traders

Derivatives are an essential trading tool for any trader. They are used in both the crypto market and the traditional one. Numerous different derivatives exist. In this article, we will explore the most famous derivatives and what they are used for.

Why use derivatives

In stock exchanges, there is a division into spot trading and derivatives trading. During spot trading, a trader buys or sells an asset for a currency, for example, BTC for USD.

While trading derivatives, a trader needs to top up their account with currency. If you sign a derivative contract, part of the deposit is frozen as collateral. The collateral remains frozen until the terms of the contract are fulfilled. If the deal is successful, all funds are returned to the trader with additional profits. However, in case the transaction is failed, then the collateral is left to the platform.

In spot trading, a trader has only one way to make a profit: buy an asset and wait until its value rises in order to sell and benefit from the differential cost. 

With derivatives, there is an opportunity to profit not only on the surge in the asset price but also on the drawdown. For instance, you buy an asset that is now worth $40,000 and expect its value to decline soon. To profit from the forecast a subtype of derivative will help – buying short. Alternatively, throughout spot trading, the trader is limited only to their equity. If the equity is small, then the profit will be corresponding. 

Derivatives allow you to trade with leverage. Leverage allows you to borrow a portion of the funds for a deal from the exchange. For example, a leverage of 25x means that you can earn 25 times as much as you could if you are lucky. Still, there is a significant risk. If the price goes astray, there will be a corresponding loss.

Types of derivatives

As we mentioned earlier, there are a large number of derivatives. In the crypto market, there are five types: perpetual contracts, futures, exchange-traded index funds (ETFs), swaps, and stock options.

Perpetual futures contracts

When a trader creates perpetual contracts, he predicts a certain asset value in the future. If the forecast is confirmed, then from the differential cost between the opening and closing of the contract a profit will be made. You can make money on both the rise and fall of the exchange rate. The trader can decide when to close the contract – that’s why they are called perpetual futures.

Futures contracts

Futures contracts differ from perpetual contracts by the fact that they must be closed by a certain date. As an illustration, a trader commits to buying 1 BTC for $40000 by the end of the ongoing quarter. One of the popular futures types on the crypto market is inverse, where trading is not in stablecoins, but in cryptocurrencies.


Cryptocurrency exchange traded funds theoretically work just like any other ETF. While most ETFs track a stock index or stock basket, a cryptocurrency ETF tracks only one or a few digital tokens.

Stock options

Options are much like futures, except with some differences. An option is a financial contract between the holder and the seller. The holder receives the right (not the obligation) to buy or sell a certain quantity of the underlying asset at the strike price on a certain date (the expiration date).

The seller agrees to buy or sell the asset whenever the option holder requests it. When a contract is purchased, the holder pays the seller a certain amount of money, the so-called premium.

The rights and obligations of the holder and the seller are substantially distinct. The former has the right to choose whether to exercise the option or not. The latter is obliged to fulfill the terms of the contract when requested by the holder.


Derivatives are outstanding financial tools for making profits. Nevertheless, before you start trading with them, you should familiarize yourself with everything and choose the derivative that is perfect for you. They give the trader 2 privileges:

  1. Earnings are made not only when the asset price grows, but also when it falls;
  2. Trading with leverage offers the chance to maximize income, yet it also exposes you to higher risks.

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