Weekly Cryptocurrency News. Friday, April 7

Friday, 7th of April. As the week comes to an end, we can focus on the highlights of the crypto industry.

Trust Wallet simplifies crypto cashing out

Non-custodial Trust Wallet revealed the feature of converting digital assets into fiat currencies directly through the app. 

Ramp and MoonPay infrastructure providers jointly implemented the solution.

This new function gives investors the opportunity to deposit and withdraw them through a wallet without losing ownership, with no need for centralized trading platforms to intermediate.

Moreover, Trust Wallet will be offering discounts to withdrawal transaction fees for users with balances over 100 TWT tokens (~$128 at the time of writing).

As the team has assured, they will provide customers with the “best quotes” to sell their assets for fiat.

 “Amid a turbulent market, we  believe this is a timely launch that will give users the ability to  choose what to do with their cryptocurrency through leading gateway  providers and a simple interface,” said Eric Chan, Product Director of  Trust Wallet Product.

MoonPay co-founder and CEO Ivan Soto-Wright noted that  the companies have been cooperating for two years. According to him,  the new integration will increase the availability and usability of  funds in the DeFi space.

In April 2022, MoonPay helped the MetaMask wallet enable direct purchase of cryptocurrencies with fiat.

Bitcoin whitepaper hidden file found in macOS

In the macOS operating system made by Apple there was discovered a hidden PDF document, containing the whitepaper of the first-ever cryptocurrency. This was reported by Andy Baio, a programmer, in his blog.

This document appears in all versions of macOS from Mojave (10.14) 2018 up to the current version of Ventura (13.3), but is missing in High Sierra (10.13) and earlier versions.

The Image Capture utility also uses the bitcoin technical file as a sample document for a device called Virtual Scanner II, which by default is either hidden or not installed for all users. 

As the blogger informs, Apple drew attention to the “strange document” almost a year ago and flagged it as a technical problem, but so far has not corrected it.

Baio suggested that the PDF might have been intended for testing the system apps, something that was simply forgotten to be deleted. 

You may recall that in October 2022, Apple curtailed the NFT usage in applications that do not include transaction fees. 

Subsequently, Coinbase, a crypto exchange, discontinued the option to send non-fungible tokens in its Coinbase Wallet app on iOS.

MetaMask introduces warning feature for preventing possible scams

Together with OpenSea and Blockaid, the MetaMask team has developed an experimental feature that notifies users when they interact with verified fraudulent projects.

The feature compares the given address with lists of known fraudsters from OpenSea, as well as checking a similar solution from Blockaid, which analyzes the on-chain history for malicious behavior like signature forging and unauthorized withdrawal of assets from wallets.

As you may remember, back in January, MetaMask collaborated with the HAPI project to deploy the feature of checking smart contracts, tokens and addresses for possible risks in the wallet’s test environment.

Orbs devs unveil smart contract for independent validations across the TON network

Orbs, the infrastructure provider, has designed a Single Nominator contract for TON validators. According to the press release, what the solution does is use isolated cold wallets and eliminate reliance on intermediaries, providing secure confirmation of transactions.

The tool for launching a node in the TON network is available for free. Source code verified by Certik experts is accessible for your review.

As a simplified alternative to the nominator pool smart contract developed by the TON team, the solution significantly reduces the attack surface. 

This is achieved by the following:

  • separation of the hot wallet node-validator from the funds placed in the stacking;
  • protection against attacks related to gas consumption;
  • ability to change the validator address in case of wallet hacking;
  • the chance to restore the stake in case of emergencies, such as the upgrade of the selectors.

As Orbs sees it, the Single Nominator contract sets a new industry standard for such solutions.

Orbs is famous for the TON Minter and TON Contract Verifier projects.

Using a multi-tiered blockchain stack, Orbs acts as a separate layer of execution. It operates between L1 and L2 networks as well as between the application layer, thus providing a decentralized server for smart contracts.

To recap, in December 2021, Pavel Durov publicly supported the Toncoin team in such a solution. The project’s token responded with a 46% skyrocketing.

In the fall of 2022, the Fragment platform began selling Telegram usernames in exchange for TON. Later, the messenger opened up the feature of registering anonymous accounts with blockchain-based numbers.

In February 2023, TON developers unveiled a roadmap for the year.

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