Top 4 books to master blockchain

A backbone technology behind each and every cryptocurrency and trailblazing projects, referred to as blockchain, is becoming an integral part of our world. For those eager to gain a deeper understanding of the one-of-a-kind transparency-driven decentralization mechanism, it would be an essential step to read relevant literature. These books provide an overview of the background and fundamentals of blockchain, and showcase its practical uses. The more you will read about it, the greater your understanding of the capabilities of blockchain and its diverse applications in various fields will be.

In this article, we’re going to cover a few influential books that would be the perfect start for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the cryptoverse.

“Mastering Blockchain: Distributed Ledger Technology, Decentralization, and Smart Contracts Explained” by Imran Bashir

Irman Bashir is a blockchain expert renowned for his profound knowledge and years of expertise. Not only is he a skilled writer, but he is also a practicing developer of numerous blockchain solutions. His distinctive approach to presenting complex concepts in a straightforward way makes his book a must-have resource for beginners and seasoned professionals alike.

Irman Bashir offers readers a comprehensive overview of the blockchain world and technologies related to it.

  1. Technical aspects of blockchain: Bashir explains the basics of distributed ledgers in detail, allowing readers to dig into the core of the technology.
  2. Exploring crypto: The book not just discusses the major cryptocurrencies, but also analyzes their impact on the global financial ecosystem.
  3. Development kit: the author provides real-life examples of using hands-on tools to build blockchain-based apps, thus rendering the subject matter more practical.
  4. Smart contracts in-depth: Bashir also demonstrates how smart contracts are revolutionizing interaction patterns across a variety of industries including finance, law and business.

So by reading this book you can surely start your journey into the world of blockchain, which is presented by quite a well-versed expert.

“Blockchain Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction in 25 Steps” by Daniel Drescher

This very book details the basic aspects of abovementioned technology either. Instead of using complicated technical terms, Drescher puts the information in plainer words, making this book an excellent option for those just starting to learn about blockchain.

The author has structured all the info in 25 steps, thus providing a systematic and step-by-step exploration of the basic concepts, ranging from the fundamental principles to the more sophisticated ones.

The book focuses on delivering a not-so-technical introduction, which makes it an appealing read for a broad audience, including entrepreneurs, investors, and just those inquisitive about blockchain but lacking any technical background.

“The Truth Machine: The Blockchain and the Future of Everything” by Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey

This masterpiece invites you to explore the blockchain realm and its potential impact on the future of humanity.

The authors encourage readers to think of the technology as a so-called “Truth Machine”, the tool capable of changing the way information is stored and validated. It offers its readers to analyze specific use cases, allowing better insight into the application of the technology in the real life.

How can blockchain reshape our tomorrows? The “Truth Machine” addresses not only the technical issues, but also the social, economic and political implications of this technology.

Vigna and Casey use a variety of examples, spanning from finance to health care, to illustrate how blockchain can transform existing frameworks. Both authors share their insights on how blockchain can shift the momentum across sectors and human interactions.

This book is a rare blend of technical expertise and a forward-thinking, offering readers a solid grasp of how blockchain can truly become a “Truth Machine.”

“Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Is Changing the World” by Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott

Here, the authors reveal to readers the action-packed blockchain world and its impact on financial systems, business, and society in general.

The work covers the following topics:

  • What is really behind Bitcoin: how blockchain brings innovation in various fields and decentralizes processes, not bypassing the alpha cryptocurrency as well.
  • Developments in financial systems: the “Blockchain Revolution” examines ways in which blockchain is redefining traditional monetary frameworks to provide highest security and efficiency.
  • Business impact: The Tapscott brothers suggest that readers look at blockchain as a tool for improving business performance, all the way from transparency to supply chain management.
  • A new era of trust: How blockchain is reinventing the concept of trust by eliminating intermediaries and enhancing transparency.
  • Use cases across multiples industries: this book explores successful applications of blockchain in a wide spectrum of industries, which vary from healthcare to education.
  • Challenges and perspectives: Tapscotts bring up issues related to regulation, security, and scalability, as well as offer their views on the future development of the technology.

This very book can now be considered as a guide to understanding the impact of blockchain on money, business, and society, providing readers with a heavy dose of insight into its revolutionary potential.


Here we have discussed some of the key creations among the blockchain-related literature that have provided readers with diversified and future-oriented perspectives on the technology in question.

These works not only cover the technical aspects of blockchain, but also look at its impact on the economy, society and the future of mankind. They have evolved into a sort of go-to map for people seeking to better embrace how blockchain is redefining how we perceive trust, transparency, and innovation. 

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