Added Trailing Stop for CommEX Futures

Dear RevenueBot users! The service has added the ability to place Trailing Stop orders for the CommEX Futures exchange.

Trailing stop (another name is trailing tail profit) is used to maximize income. It’s a substitute for the classic limited take profit order. The essence of the mechanism is that it is possible not to issue a take profit warrant immediately after opening a position, but to wait for the best price and get more income by tracking the price change. When placing a trailing stop order, the concept of a stop price appears, this is the price when the position is closed. The stop price is initially separated from the trailing stop activation price by a specified percentage of deviation and will change in the direction of increasing revenue following the current price on the exchange. As a result of the operation of the trailing stop mechanism, the position will be closed by a market order, when the price will be the most advantageous for the whole time of the tracking, and then turned in the opposite direction by the percentage of deviation. 

Read more about how Trailing Stop works and how to enable it here.

You can read about the collaboration between RevenueBot and CommEX Futures here.

Happy trading!

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