Promising coins #100 – a RevenueBot Editor’s Pick

Numerous cryptocurrencies and tokens appear every day. Some of them are of a practical nature, which means they perform some sort of function. Others, on the contrary, have a purely entertainment purpose and may be in demand only due to the strong buzz around the project. In this overview, RevenueBot highlights a few coins to keep track of. 

Book of Meme (BOME)

Book of Meme cryptocurrency, known as BOME, is a one-of-a-kind fusion of creativity, humor, and blockchain. It is aimed to capture the essence of memes and preserve them in an immutable form. Imagine a digital library where each meme is etched onto the blockchain, forever resistant to censorship or deletion. BOME is a memecoin runnning on the Solana chain and launched by crypto artist Darkfarms (@Darkfarms1).

The primary purpose of BOME is threefold:

  • Preserving the meme culture:  Memes are ephemeral by nature. They pop up, go viral, and then vanish into thin air.  So, BOME aims to make a change here by cataloging memes on the blockchain, ensuring they remain accessible for generations to come.
  • Decentralized Social Media: BOME envisions a completely new era of social media—one where memes are not dependent on centralized platforms. Instead, they exist separately from each other, stored on decentralized networks like Solana, Arweave, and IPFS.
  • Degen Trading Strategy & Gambling: BOME also aims to encapsulate the memeverse within a digital archive, while enabling degen shitcoin trading and gambling.


QnA3.AI is actually an innovative AI-powered Web3-oriented knowledge sharing platform. With its cutting-edge technology and wide spetrum of features, QnA3 is set to change the way data is accessed in the cryptoverse.

  • Thus, QnA3 leverages the power of AI to provide data analysis. By gathering information from various sources, the platform provides a comprehensive overview of the crypto market. Whether you are a well-versed investor or a beginner, QnA3 delivers the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.
  • Real-time data analytics. By using QnA3, you can observe analytics real-time. Keep track of market trends, portfolio performance and identify new opportunities as they arise. The platform developers ensure that here you will always be up to date with the ever-dynamic world of crypto.
  • QnA3’s extra capabilities allow you to ask intricate questions and get accurate and relevant answers. No matter if you need information on desired tokens, market trends or technical analysis, QnA3 comes in handy.

Patex (PATEX)

Patex is a blockchain-based platform that provides a secure, decentralized, and user-friendly way to access and manage our data.  It is built on state-of-the-art technology and boasts a number of features that set it apart from other crypto projects.

One of the main features of Patex is its fully decentralized nature. What this means is that the platform is not subject to the control of any single organization. Rather, it is managed by its users who have a say during proposals on changes to the system. This ensures that Patex remains truly decentralized and that its users have the power to vote regarding its future.

Another key feature of Patex is its high security. The platform uses the latest cryptography methods to protect user data and transactions. This makes Patex one of the most secure crypto platforms available nowadays.


When investing in new coins, you keep an open mind on all the risks, because the chances of a coin remaining at the same price brackets or depreciating are sky-high.  

This material is not a piece of financial advice and is for informational purposes only.

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