Promising coins #102 – a RevenueBot Editor’s Pick

Numerous cryptocurrencies and tokens appear every day. Some of them are of a practical nature, which means they perform some sort of function. Others, on the contrary, have a purely entertainment purpose and may be in demand only due to the strong buzz around the project. In this overview, RevenueBot highlights a few coins to keep track of. 

BitBrawl (BRAWL)

BitBrawl is an online PVP game where players basically ‘Compete-to-Earn’ via competitive matches and tournaments [C2E, a concept similar to P2E implying ‘Play-to-Earn’ – t/n]. The game is linked to the Solana blockchain and is created by one of the biggest gaming studios in Europe, iLogos.

BitBrawl’s mission is to create a game centered around the following:

  • Teaming up players despite their different preferences in gaming;
  • Offering cut-throat, skill-based gameplay;
  • Having a sustainable C2E (Create-to-Earn) system with regular tournaments to reward players fairly.

The beta version of the game is live on both Google Play and App Store and is playable in your browser.

In fact, BitBrawl recently raised $3M for their upcoming $BRAWL token launch. Along with Morningstar Ventures, other investors include Big Brain Holdings and Shima Capital. What’s more, the game is being developed by 14 seasoned developers who have previously worked on big titles such as Angry Birds and Shadow Fight 2.

MerlinSwap (MP)

$MP is the governance token of MerlinSwap, the leading Decentralized Exchange in terms TVL (Total Value Locked), total trading volume and DAU (Daily Active Users) among other Bitcoin DEXs.

MerlinSwap adopts so-called concentrated liquidity and state-of-the-art AMM (automated market maker) models. Moreover, it is the first dApp to support both BTC and ETH wallet to trade on-chain seamlessly. The project seeks to become the liquidity powerhouse for BTC and other assets based on it, including BRC20, BRC420 and native tokens across Merlin Layer 2 protocol.

SolMail (MAIL)

SolMail (aka Solana email system) represents a paradigm shift in the way we approach ever-changing expectations in an era when privacy concerns are rife and demands for secure communication are at their peak. By integrating pioneering technologies such as Elgamal encryption algorithm that converts the input (plaintext) into an encrypted output (ciphertext) using a session key, as well as by striving for seamless integration with dApps, SolMail is ready to offer a robust, censorship-resistant platform. Such a high level of commitment to security and privacy combined with a customer-centered UI sets SolMail apart from the rest of the market players.

Further emphasizing Solana Mobile’s milestones, the sale of 20,000 proprietary mobile devices called SAGA is quite a success. With anticipation building around the delivery of over 100,000 devices by 2025, the potential for meaningful dApp integration (not to mention SolMail itself) could lead to substantial adoption within the Solana ecosystem. Given the current tally of more than 9,154,449 wallets holding SOL, the total addressable market (TAM) for services like SolMail is vast and growing.


When investing in new coins, you keep an open mind on all the risks, because the chances of a coin remaining at the same price brackets or depreciating are sky-high.  

This material is not a piece of financial advice and is for informational purposes only.

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