Bitcoin nomads: how a family gets by with just bitcoin

So many wonder whether it is possible to live using only digital assets. The Taihuttu family put their own example to show that it is possible. In 2017, with their three daughters, the couple decided to make a drastic life change. They sold a large house, several cars and all their other possessions, leaving the proceeds to buy bitcoin. Since then, the family has visited more than 40 countries, each time paying with digital assets only. Over that time Didi, the head of the family, has spoken around the world at blockchain conferences, authored a book, set up an online store, and now actively mentors crypto startups and donates money to charity. Now, the family believes that the first-ever cryptocurrency will soon be worth $100,000, the main reason why they are not selling most of the coins. Reveal how the Taihuttu family decided to become digital bitcoin nomads and how they survived the 2018-2019 bear market in this article.

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