Top movies and TV shows about cryptocurrency

The crypto industry is well established in human life. The cryptocurrency has already been printed in a dozen books, and thousands of articles have been written, both financial and ordinary. But also the film industry did not overlook this sphere. In the article we made a selection of interesting films and series on this subject.


Life on Bitcoin

The documentary tells about a young married couple who, after their wedding, caught fire with the idea of living only on bitcoin for the first 90 days of their life together. The idea came to the newlyweds in 2013. It was to pay for absolutely everything without using the traditional currency. Before they started shooting the film, they posted a small video on YouTube, where they talked about what they were going to do. The community supported them and there were even those who pushed for the implementation of the project. In the first half of the film, the couple tell who they are, what they do, and how such an idea was born. Also about the cryptocurrency itself, what difficulties and features exist in its application. In the second half of the documentary, we can already see how they realize their adventure. The film colorfully shows how many people are skeptical about cryptocurrencies, that they had to be persuaded to accept bitcoin as payment for goods and services. After the picture was shot, the couple managed to collect about $70,000 on Kickstarter. With this money, they went on a trip to cities and countries, additionally presenting and telling about their film. The picture is perfect for family viewing, it is kind and with a warm atmosphere.

The Blockchain and Us

Blockchain and Us is a short documentary film by the Swiss-born filmmaker Manuel Stagars. The director was able to contain quite a lot of interesting interviews with people from various industries in such a short time and tell how blockchain and digital assets affect their lives and work. During the filming, he visited five countries: the United States, Canada, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Australia. The film touched upon such issues as: can blockchain bring any benefit to the economies of countries; its impact on society and what can be expected from digital assets in the future. The director admitted that he specifically asked such questions, which are difficult to answer, but this gives food for thought to the viewer. The film was shown at several documentary film festivals, translated into 8 languages, and the documentary is also considered the best on this topic.

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain

Again, a documentary, but now about the blockchain. The picture is suitable for those people who are just beginning to learn about the crypto industry. The film tells about the world of blockchain, about the basic principles of the technology. During the viewing, you can learn about the development and evolution of the cryptocurrency and the blockchain itself. The picture touches on such important issues as: class inequality among society in developing countries; how digital assets can help in the fight against poverty. The viewer can also listen to comments from popular representatives of the crypto community.

Feature films


The feature film narrates banking analyst Martin, his main specialty in combating money laundering. Over the years, he has tirelessly bored his superiors, who disliked his excessive honesty and diligence. They decide to get rid of Martin and send him on an audit to a bank in the provincial town where the protagonist grew up. The city has changed quite a bit during his absence. The bar started accepting cryptocurrency as payment, and the best friend of the childhood had his own mein farm. The circumstances are such that Martin accidentally discovers a money-laundering scheme through a local art gallery. The scheme is tied to cryptocurrencies, and frauds sell paintings for it. The protagonist decides to put an end to it, but thereby puts his life and family in danger. The case is proving to be the most difficult in his career. It is worth noting that one of the key roles of the picture is played by Kurt Russell.


The picture tells about the life of a teenager from Inglewood – Malcolm. He was born and lives in a disadvantaged area of the city of angels. Contrary to the guy’s dream of going to Harvard, the school counselor says that the guy will not be able to achieve this. At one party, drugs, weapons and an iPhone are thrown into Malcolm’s bag. After that, he is dragged into the drug business. In order to somehow deal with this problem and get out of it, he gathers friends and together they create a website on which they begin to trade drugs for cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Heist

Next up is a film of Vietnamese origin. The main antagonist of the picture is a hacker nicknamed the Ghost. He trades in the theft of large amounts of cryptocurrency. Despite all the attempts of Interpol to catch the attacker, they do not succeed. Information is received that the Ghost is going to commit another major kidnapping. Here, Interpol decides to stop catching him by legal means and hires professional hackers so that they can get to the fraudster. This is a classic “popcorn movie”, where you do not need to strain your brain, but you can just sit and watch what is happening on the screen. The film is rich in shootouts, chases, beautiful women and in the classics of Asian films, there is kung fu. If you just want to relax in the evening and spend the evening without straining, you can choose this picture for a pastime.


Mr. Robot

You may have already heard about this series. Mr. Robot has become a cult TV series and many film critics speak quite well about it. The main character of the film is Elliot Anderson, an introvert and a brilliant hacker. From the first episode, we can see how he easily hacks the personal data of people who are not very pleasant to him. One day, he is noticed by a hacker group whose head wants to recruit Eliot by all means and use his talent for his organization. The main goal of the group is to destroy a corrupt corporation that is going to take power over humanity. In order to prevent this and gain access to digital wallets, hackers create their own cryptocurrency. In the series, you can also see how Eliot wants to hide the history of transfers when he laundered money, and to do this, he uses a cryptocurrency mixer.

An interesting fact from the series. In one of the episodes, an existing bitcoin wallet address was shown. When the series came out, fans of the series began donating digital assets to it. The total amount was 0.00432954 BTC.

It is also worth noting that the main role in the series is played by Oscar winner Rami Malek.


The picture tells about the FBI agent Phil Rusk. He fights against financial crimes. Krask is entrusted with the case of an old criminal who illegally received an impressive sum of money, after which he turned to his son so that he could hide his savings from the authorities and curious eyes. The son turned out to be a talented programmer, he created the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, there are no ways to monitor it, it is not possible to see transactions, and it is also impossible to take a digital asset under control. The special Agent has a difficult task to find evidence that the money was received illegally and at the same time catch the attackers. This is a small series consisting of three seasons, which are interesting to follow. Special Agent Phil Rusk was played by Martin Freeman.

The Big Bang Theory – season 11, episode 9

There is hardly a person who has not heard the name of this sitcom. The main characters of the film are nerds Raj, Howard and Leonard. During the crypto boom in 2017, the main characters remember that they were mining bitcoin five years ago. Interestingly, Sheldon, the smartest of all, refused to mine cryptocurrency, fearing for tax consequences. The heroes remember that they have mined the main cryptocurrency on the laptop of their friend Penny, from whom the heroine’s ex-boyfriend took it. In this episode, the whole path of bitcoin is well shown, when no one needed it and up to the moment of its peak. And you can also see how the bitcoins mined at dawn were lost forever.


Based on the subject on which feature films are shot, it can be concluded that for some reason, film makers still consider cryptocurrency to be something bad. After all, they show its use only from the bad side, when thanks to digital assets, you can either launder money or buy drugs. The main genres of films are thriller, crime. Unfortunately, the pictures where the cryptocurrency appears as a means that can make people’s lives easier have not yet been removed. But there is every chance to see something like this in the near future, we can only wait. In the meantime, you can go through the list and pass the evenings watching the presented paintings.

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