Last Week’s Cryptocurrency News. Friday, Feb. 25

Friday, February 25. As the week comes to an end, we can focus on the highlights of the crypto industry over the past few days.

ATM for selling NFTs for fiat appears in NYC

Neon, the Solana-based NFT marketplace, has placed a vending machine in New York City near Wall Street to sell non-fungible tokens. You do not need cryptocurrency to buy tokens as users can pay with their bank card dollars. 

Once the payment is made, the user receives a physical card with a QR code, which must be scanned in the dedicated mobile app. This is how the buyer will obtain the purchased NFT from the desired collection.

Before the transaction, the prospective owner is unaware of what kind of token awaits him. The mission of Neon is to make NFTs more accessible and comprehensible. ATM does not require any cryptocurrency or crypto wallet. NFTs are issued on the “efficient and environmentally friendly” Solana blockchain.

Spotify to invite a Web3 developer to its team

Spotify audio streaming service has unveiled a new vacancy for a senior backend developer to join its growth promotion team through new technologies such as Web3.

To strengthen the bond with young audiences, the company plans to create new features.

Applicants are required to have experience in conducting research and setting up prototypes of new products.

Spotify has also posted a position for a senior engineer in innovation and market intelligence. The specialist is expected to have “expert familiarity with emerging trends,” particularly Web 3.0.

It is worth recalling that in July 2021, QQ Music, owned by Spotify and Tencent, announced the launch of a blockchain platform for NFT.

Previously, Saxo investment bank in its “Outrageous Predictions” for 2022 forecasts the disruption of Spotify and Apple Music due to the development of NFT-based platforms.

GameFi investments hit $1B

The DappRadar report said that in January, $1 billion were invested in blockchain games and infrastructure in GameFi’s segment. 

In Q3 2021, blockchain games became the prevailing DApps category in terms of user activity. Back then the category accounted for 45% of unique active wallets every day, now the figure has soared to 52%.

In January, the game Crazy Defense Heroes became the second favorite app on the Polygon GameFi-network with 41,000 UAW per day. Bomb Crypto stepped into the lead in the BSC ecosystem with 40,000 UAW daily.

In terms of transaction volume, DeFi Kingdoms (DFK) surpassed $1.8 billion in January, which is 243% more than Axie. The game dApp accounted for $775 million in assets or 60 percent of the total value of blocked funds in the Harmony protocol.

The DFK has performed 38% of all transactions in the monthly GameFi segment, with the app capturing an average of about 22,000 UAW per day.

NFT Artist blasts a Lamborghini

An artist under the alias Shl0ms blew up a $250,000 Lamborghini Huracan. They did this act as a sign of protest to the society which is trying to get rich in no time with the help of crypto.

The explosion of the Lamborghini Huracan took place on February 2, 2022, in one of the American deserts.

The team spent about two weeks in the desert to test explosions. During the tests, they also blew up another car. They brought in a special engineer with an explosives license to carry out the explosion. In fact, they called it the toughest job of the engineer’s career.

The artist used the captured charred fragments as the basis for the release of the 999 NFTs. 

This car performance was inspired by a urinal personally autographed by Marcel Duchamp. Shl0ms recreated a similar object before smashing it to pieces. A 150-piece collection of FNTN NFTs brought him $500,000.

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