Promotional offer from Bitget and RevenueBot

In early May, RevenueBot, the automated trading platform, became an official broker of Bitget. Our users can set up bots to conduct automated trading in the spot and futures (USDT-M) markets of Bitget. 

To give RevenueBot users the opportunity to try out trading bots on Bitget, the platform will not charge any commission fees during a 30 days period. Our members will be able to assess themselves how profitable the trading is. 

In order to make it easy to understand how to get started with using your trading bot, a comprehensive Knowledge Base has been made available. There you will find a step-by-step guide and screenshots of each stage. For those who are not familiar with the Bitget platform, they can simply follow RevenueBot’s blog. A detailed overview of Bitget can be found there.

Bitget X RevenueBot Promotion

You can take part in a special “Bitget X Revenuebot Promotion ”, for a chance to win 30,000 USDT!

The promotion has a limited duration: starting on May 23, 2022 at 9:00 PM (UTC+8) and running until June 2, 2022 at 00:00 PM (UTC+8).

You will need to sign up on Bitget and RevenueBot in order to participate in the event. To do this, follow the links below:

The terms under which a participant to the promotion can claim a cash prize are:

  1. Registration. During the promotion period, each user must be signed up and verified on Bitget. The first 200 users can expect to receive a reward of 10 USDT. Please note that the amount of prizes is limited, so it is better to be quick;
  2. Depositing and trading. You can get 100 BGB for making a deposit of at least 300 USDT and transferring it to a futures-trading account, all during the promo period. As the number of prizes is limited, only the first 500 users to meet this requirement will be able to claim 100 BGB;
  3. Trade and share the prize pool with others. Users will be able to split the $30,000 USDT prize pool according to their position on the ranking list for cumulative trading volume from futures trading.

    Ranking Prize pool interest
    1st place 30%
    2nd place 20%
    3rd place 10%
    From 4th to 10th place 25% (equal division)
    From 11th to 20th place 15% (equal division)
  4. Ranking by cumulative P/L (Profit and Loss) Ratio. Participants who have traded futures during the promo period have an opportunity to share the $30,000 USDT trial prize fund, based on their place in the cumulative P/L ratio  ranking list (only those users who have a positive P/L ratio are ranked).
Ranking Prize pool interest
1st place 30%
2nd place 20%
3rd place 10%
From 4th to 10th place 25% (equal division)
From 11th to 20th place 15% (equal division)


  • Gross profits from futures trading = [account equity (including unsettled P/L) – initial capital (including unsettled P/L) + withdrawals during competition – deposit during competition – trial fund], all calculations are limited to futures-trading accounts;
  • Total P/L on futures = Profit / (initial capital + total deposit) * 100%. All calculations (in USDT) are limited to futures-trading accounts;
  • If several users have the same P/L ratio, the one who has the smallest total trading volume during the promotion period will be ranked one place lower;
  • Cumulative trading volume: the total volume of futures traded during the event;
  • Rewards can be used for futures trading (including Copy Trade), to compensate for transaction fees/losses/funding commissions or as margin to open positions;
  • Each reward can be received only once;
  • Please keep in mind that all rewards will be credited to your account within 5 working days after the tasks have been completed. Please, ensure that the funds deposited are credited to your accounts before the rewards are distributed;
  • Each competitor is required to have an active Bitget account. If multiple users have the same IP address, only the first one will be considered;
  • Bitget reserves the right to update the “Terms and Conditions of the Promotion”.

If you have any questions, please contact Bitget Support at [email protected].

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