What occupations will there be in the metaverse?

The metaverse is undergoing rapid development and is turning into a place where you can look for work and raise money. There will soon be plenty of potential positions in it. The new challenges are out there every day already, and only experts can solve them. Let’s take a look at the core vocations of the future, from objects creation to cybersecurity assurance.

Creating objects in the metaverse

A metaverse is a very complex infrastructure with a lot of professionals involved. It will take 3D game designers, gamification strategists, planners, and world builders to bring an idea to life in the metaverse. Each profession is discussed in more detail below.

3D game designers. Successful games require a neat interface and user experience to lure users into their world. The same is essential when creating and running a metaverse.

As opposed to the common 2D design, there are specific difficulties for metaverse designers – you can’t design objects separately. That is, each individual object within the metaverse must merge with the others. This is needed to create a complete object. For designers, this means no more disjointedness, one must constantly check each of the 360-degrees of the object in the metaverse.

2D design tools will no longer matter, as the development of metaverse objects is done through 3D modeling. If you wish to be a prosperous designer, you need to know how to use 3D modeling software.

To help designers create 3D content, there are lots of tools that are available. A considerable amount of time, effort, and equipment is required for even the most proficient artists to create a single character. As an example, MetaHuman Creator, a tool from Epic Games, allows you to create a photorealistic digital character.

Would-be metaverse designers will also be in need of extensive UX/UI knowledge and an in-depth understanding of game design. These are well worth studying to get ready:

  • how to create impactful storyboards. You will need this to communicate the idea of the metaverse’s story around the designed environment;
  • system design. If you want to create a consistent experience across the different worlds of the metaverse, you have to prioritize system design rather than isolated user-interaction one;
  • 3D-related tools. Tvori and Gravity Sketch will cover the basics of 3D design, modeling and prototyping.

Gamification strategists. The metaverse will be a world emulating our own. From avatar maker to larger projects, such as using the metaverse to set up a business, here will be a lot of details to plan for.

Gamification strategists are the ones who will develop thorough strategies for the establishment and maintenance of companies in the virtual world. For people with a background in managing software projects, this job is a perfect fit.

Planners and world builders. The metaverse has to be designed very thoroughly. Everything from the VR architecture to what your virtual persona will look like has to be laid out.

Unlike architects in real life, the VR world builders have no physical limitations that exist in real life. This is where imaginative people can use their full potential and build anything that the laws of physics and other constraints do not allow to do in the real world.

Even now in existing metaverses you are able to build full-scale objects. For example, in the development hackathon in The Sandbox metaverse held by the Maff Metaverse, people constructed a futuristic office and apartment, a concert stage, and much more.

Creating gadgets for the metaverse

To be fully immersed in the virtual world, you need proper devices. Such equipment is VR- and AR-related: helmets, glasses, holographic displays, and gloves. You need software engineers who excel in AR and VR devices to create smooth and comfortable headsets. Learn more about this profession as we go. 

AR / VR Software Engineers Current VR devices are not quite comfy enough to use. These are fun to enjoy for a couple of hours, but they are discomforting to wear for long periods of time. E.g., during an 8-hour workday.

VR/AR headset engineers will have a vital role to play in reproducing real-world experiences in virtual reality. Not only will they make existing devices more handy, but they will also invent brand new ones. 

A lot of VR devices are being created.A lot of VR devices are being created. Some of these include: omnidirectional VR treadmills (ODT), gloves and suits with haptic feedback for virtual reality, and a whole lot more.


New tasks appear daily in the metacommunity, which only specialists can address. We looked at the main jobs that will come up some time in the future.

It will take 3D game designers, gamification strategists, planners, and world builders to bring an idea to life in the metaverse. It takes AR/VR software engineers to design user-friendly and enjoyable headsets for a truly immersive virtual world.

The metaverse needs to evolve as well. This is what the metaverse research scientist will do, and the tour guide will help you adjust to it. To generate profits in the virtual world, companies will need a metaverse marketer, lawyers (to protect rights), a cyber security expert (to protect against cyberattacks), and a chief virtual officer (CVO) to promote brand recognition.

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