What is diversification and how does it work?

Our previous article on economic indicators was interesting to readers, so we decided to continue the topic of traditional economy. In this paper we will briefly address diversification. This method can be used in the crypto market as well, because there are a lot of coins that belong to different crypto directions (NFT, DeFi and others).

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BTC USD exchange rate forecast from April 12 to 18

It has been exactly one month since the last update of the Bitcoin historical maximum. During this time, the main cryptocurrency tried several times to beat this number, but this did not happen. The BTC has even fallen below $50,000. We’re looking at a price line from $48,000 to $58,000-$60,000, where the BTC can’t get out. In our weekly forecast, we will figure out the chances of BTC this week.

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5 types of cryptocurrency fraud

The crypto industry is not standing still. New trends are emerging regularly, the latest being DeFi and NFT. Sad as it may be, new types of fraud are emerging with them. As a result, new investors in the crypto market are losing funds. Digital assets are now extremely liquid, and tracking their movements is difficult, which is what intruders use. In this material, we’re going to talk about five kinds of cryptocurrency fraud.

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BTC USD exchange rate forecast from April 5 to 11

The Bitcoin sideways is too long. For a week now, we expect the bull rally to continue, but investors seem to fear a repetition of a year ago, when markets collapsed as the pandemic began to spread. Indeed, the risks have not gone away, but new waves of disease have traditionally taken place in autumn and spring, but with each passing, the intensity of the disease is diminishing. Also traditionally, April is very strong for stock markets, it is likely that investors will transfer this tradition to the crypto market. What will be the coming week?  Let’s go over our weekly rate of Bitcoin to the dollar.

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How to make money on Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrencies are hard to ignore in the last five years, and in the almost past quarter of 2021, digital assets are becoming almost mainstream. Bitcoin still holds the leading position, having the highest demand and capitalization in the crypto market. There are three main ways to make money from the main cryptocurrency, in 2021. In this material, we’re going to go through each of these.

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