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£ 38.89
-0.19639 %
Today price in GBP
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£ 38.89
-0.19639 %
Today price in GBP
Market Cap:
220.92M+ GBP
Trade volume:
13,911,060 GBP
Circulating supply:
5686334.34 METIS
METIS price Statistics
Metis Price Today
Market cap rank: #220
Metis Price:
£ 38.89
Price Change 24h:
-0.19639 %
24h high:
39.41 GBP
Trade volume 24h:
13,911,060 GBP
24h low:
37.98 GBP
Metis Price History
All time high:
236.59 GBP
Price change 1h:
0.78665 %
Price change 7d:
7.17116 %
All time low:
2.44 GBP
Price change 24h:
-0.33426 %
Price change 1y:
217.57555 %
Metis Supply
Circulating supply:
5686334.34 METIS
Total supply:
10000000 METIS
Max supply:
10000000 METIS
Metis Market Cap
Market cap change 24h:
-0.37701 %
Market cap:
220.92M+ GBP
Market cap change 24h:
£ -836K+

Live Metis Price Chart

Wondering what is the current price of Metis and what it will be in the short or long term? The real-time Metis price chart shows the answer to a clear answer to the first question. The Metis price now is 38.89 GBP. As for predictions, the Metis chart will help to analyse Metis price history. Depending on your strategy, you might find it useful to check month-by-month, day-by-day, hour-by-hour numbers. The 24 hour Metis chart minute-by-minute best suits those who trade frequently.

The METIS price chart offers various forms of technical analysis and visualisation including such views as candles, hollow candles, area charts, baseline view, high-low view, Heikin Ashi, Renko, Line Break, Kagi, Point & Figure, and range. Adding other financial instruments to the Metis chart will help to estimate the relative value. Live Metis price can be also enriched with over 100 indicators. Setting up visualisation details like labels will make the most of your Metis chart.

Metis (METIS)

Based on the spirit of Optimistic Rollup, Metis is building an easy-to-use, highly scalable, low-cost, and fully functional Layer 2 framework (Metis Rollup) to fully support the application and business migration from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. Its scalable protocol supports a wide range of use cases including yield farming, DEX trading, and powering the gig economy via DApps that offer cheap and fast micropayments. Metis integrates the Decentralized Autonomous Company (DAC) framework within its Layer 2 infrastructure, a differentiating factor that makes it easy for any developers, builders, or community leaders to build their applications and communities. It also makes it easy to use pre-set tools to facilitate their development, manage collaboration, and enjoy the network effects of the world's largest decentralized finance ecosystem, without the costs and bottlenecks normally associated with Ethereum. Metis’ goal is to make building dApps and DACs on its platform so easy to do, even total blockchain novices can make it happen in a matter of minutes.

About Metis

Metis is ranked #220 by market capitalization. Currently the METIS market cap exceeds 220.92M+ Pound sterling. By market capitalization it is ranked #220. Daily trade volume is 13,911,060 GBP.

The Metis price today in GBP is 38.89. Through the Metis price history, the price ranges from 236.59 GBP (all time high) to 2.44 GBP (all time low). Metis price last 24 hours fluctuated from 39.41 GBP (24h high) to 37.98 GBP (24h low).

Check the Metis value today and exchange rates with more than 15 cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies including USD EUR GBP CNY JPY BRL RUB UAH INR CZK VND TRY CHF SEK BTC ETH BNB

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Metis Exchanges

Metis live price may differ in various exchanges. Check METIS real-time data to make informed decisions.
Coinbase Exchange
MEXC Global Exchange
Hermes Protocol
WOO Network
AscendEX (BitMax)
Tethys Finance
Huobi Global
Mercado Bitcoin
Agora Swap
Uniswap (v2)
PancakeSwap (v2)

Metis FAQ

You can buy Metis on decentralised or centralised exchanges, via p2p transfers or in individual direct transactions. REVENUEBOT offers an automated trading bot that helps among other things to buy and sell METIS at predefined levels. This way, no matter, day or night, there is no chance to miss the next move. The REVENUEBOT Metis trading robot will buy and sell following the strategy chosen by you.

In short, yes. But manual transactions, however fast, still can not be done in less than a second. That is why automated trading took over both traditional and crypto financial markets. Use the current price of Metis and trade with REVENUEBOT in less than a second.

In short, only if the current value of Metis will be less than the value of Metis at the moment of selling in the future. The Metis chart can only assist the Metis value today versus tomorrow, or the distant future. No one can guarantee you the profit but the REVENUEBOT is free until it brings you money. Please note that information concerning current Metis value or any other information on this page can not be considered investment, trading, financial advice or any sort of recommendation to act in the financial market. The content is provided for informational purposes only.

The answer to these questions depends on the METIS supply. Check the Metis live chart to see the current supply and predict how long it will take for the coins to run out. The total supply of Metis is 10000000 METIS, while METIS circulation supply now is 5686334.34 METIS.

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