News of the week. Friday, September 10

Friday, September 10. The week is coming to an end, so we can talk about the most interesting news in the crypto industry for this week. 

The largest DDoS attack was carried out on the Yandex company

Yandex reports that their specialists were able to prevent the biggest DDoS attack in the history of the Internet.

According to information obtained by the company, it became clear that such attacks would not continue for the first week. The main targets of hackers are the world’s largest companies. The attacks are carried out with the help of a new hacker botnet, which is distributed using infected Mikrotik devices. Botnet has been named Mēris. After an attack, a botnet can overload any infrastructure in the network, including even those designed specifically to withstand such loads. Little is known about the new botnet at this time. What vulnerabilities Mikrotik is facing are still in question.

Yandex claims that the DDoS attack did not affect the services, and user data is still safe.

The company assumes that the botnet is distributed by password-matching, but it is unlikely to be the main version. It looks like the vulnerability was classified before the attack or sold on the black market.

Ukraine has adopted a law on virtual assets

On September 8, the Ukrainian authorities adopted a law on virtual assets, with the help of which digital assets will be regulated on the territory of the country. 276 deputies voted for the adoption of the bill.

The law will come into force after the amendments to the Tax Code are adopted. Namely, the taxation of transactions related to cryptocurrency.

Virtual assets will be considered an intangible good. They will not be considered a means of payment in Ukraine, nor may they be exchanged for property or services. Virtual assets can be secured by foreign exchange securities, with the National Bank regulating the turnover. 

In December, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the draft law “On Virtual Assets”.

The authorities of El Salvador purchased 550 BTC. Bitcoin has been legalized in the country

On September 7, El Salvador became a legal means of payment within the country. Head of State Nayib Bukele wrote on Twitter three minutes before the adoption of this law:

«In three minutes we will become part of history» – stated Bukele

The President had previously tweeted that the country had acquired the first 200 BTC. The acquisition is considered the basis of a new $150 million fund. This fund is needed for the exchange of Bitcoin and the dollar. 

After midnight on September 7, Chivo’s Bitcoin purse was released. In June, Nayib Bukele cancelled the commission for transactions and conversion of the first cryptocurrency. He stated that it would be possible to cash Bitcoin in ATM terminals or off-line offices. It was also announced that $30 would be distributed to Bitcoin adults.

On September 6, one of the residents of Reddit decided to buy the first cryptocurrency in the amount of $30, as a sign of support for El Salvador.

The head of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, created a vote on Twitter, where he decided to find out from subscribers whether they want to join the campaign. At the time of writing, 90,470 residents voted. 83.6% voted for the “yes ” option.

Akon’s «Crypto City» Stands Still

The Africanews TV channel reported in one of the issues that the mega-project of the rapper Akon is standing still. The crypto city, which was supposed to start being built last year, has not moved from the “dead point”.

«The stone that was laid in an open field during the ceremony is still standing on a dirt road. The advertising poster on it fell over time.» – the media reports.

The opening ceremony was held on August 31, 2020 in Senegal, construction was scheduled to begin in early 2021. However, according to local residents, no construction work has begun.

According to representatives of KE International, which won the contract for the construction of a crypto city, the main investor is a businessman from Kenya, Julius Mwale. The project attracted more than $4 billion in investments.

KE International says that construction is planned in October, after they finish the project on which the company is working in Kenya.

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