The best settings for the bot with automatic pair switching are determined

We have conducted many different bot simulations (backtests) and have identified the best bot settings for binance with auto switch of the trade pair. Parameters that we changed for each bot.

  • Overlap of price change (%) – 15% to 60% tested
  • Indent of the first order  (%) – 0.1% to 0.3% tested
  • Profit (%) – 0.4% to 1% tested
  • Logarithmic Price Distribution – Coefficients were tested. from 1 to 2

All other parameters remained constant, the backtest for all bots was made in the same time span – from 23.06.2019 to 23.08.2019

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Settings for the bot (autoswitch) with profit +36% to deposit

This article shows an example of setting up a bot at Binance exchange with pair auto switch based on results of volatility, as well as provides the statistics of bot’s performance. Details of setting up the automatic pair selection can be found in the “Automatic switch of cryptocurrency trading pairs” article.

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Binance Announces Partnership with BAM to Launch US Exchange

Binance announced its partnership with BAM Trading Services Inc. and began preparations for the launch of trade services for users from the United States. Binance will license advanced engine and wallet technology to its BAM partner to launch Binance US. This occurred against the backdrop of the FinCEN registration on June 11, 2019.

“We are pleased to finally launch Binance US and bring the safety, speed and liquidity of to North America, said CZ (Changpeng Zhao), CEO of Binance. – Binance US will lead our local BAM partner. It will serve the US market in full compliance with regulatory requirements.”

BAM Trading Services will support the launch of Binance US with a focus on trading basic cryptocurrency with liquidity.

“We are honored to work with Binance to launch Binance in the United States, using its security and first-rate technology, said BAM Trading Services. – We strive to provide a secure platform, consistent with regulation, and give a start to a fruitful alliance with Binance”.

Further details will be provided at a later date.


OKEx Exchange. Special features and settings for bot trading.

We would like you to direct your attention to OKEx Exchange, which is famous for its reliability, and does not yield to Binance in terms of the amount of trades and cryptocurrency trading pairs. For example, at the time of this article, the volume of trades at OKEx was $20,896,141,819 for the past 30 days (3rd place in rating), while Binance is — $24,369,536,181 (2nd place in rating. The commission of OKEx is also comparable with the commission at Binance (around 0.1%). Don’t miss the opportunity to have successful and active trades at OKEx with our RevenueBot. Let’s have a look at the settings and special features of bot trading at OKEx.
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RevenueBot’s Referral Program

You can make good money simply by recommending RevenueBot to your friends, acquaintances, website visitors, or subscribers.

We offer you 30% of earnings we receive from users you bring to the site.

The referral program is recommended for anyone interested in crypto currencies and trading, webmasters, arbitrators, site owners, forums, blogs, social groups, networks and so on.

The maximum user commission fee for the RevenueBot bot is 50 USD per month. Accordingly, your maximum earnings from one referral will be 15 USD per month.

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